OctoRECO is a powerful recommendation engine that can be connected to any data source. It is based on a machine-learning Artificial Intelligence.

In today’s content-rich world, TV viewers are overwhelmed by the richness of choice available to them. Initially exciting, this rapidly became an annoying experience, people are lost among the quantity of content that they are getting from the EPG, T- and S-VOD libraries and Catch-up TV services.

The result is that your customers stick to watching what they already know, and after a while, they begin to question whether they are getting value for their subscription money. In this situation, customer retention becomes a hurdle and raising ARPU similarly challenging. Intelligent Navigation powered by personalized Recommendations solves this problem, thereby improving retention and increasing ARPU.

OctoRECO uses proprietary advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to provide a robust, scalable, real-time and comprehensive multi-content/multi-platform Recommendations Engine supporting multiple platforms such as the set-top box, mobile, web, smart TV, games consoles, and others.

OctoRECO integrates your smart data and the recommendation features around your content and users. Our A.I product supplies trustworthy and personnally relevant suggestions. OctoRECO bases its results on free text search as well as an advanced & structured search tool.

It can be connected to any social network platform.

Our serendipity tool can also be integrated into your VOD portals and Catch-up TV services.