OctoADS is a solution that allows telecom operators, TV channels and content providers to finally address the issue of real-time ad insertion and replacement on video content for television

OctoADS is a full turnkey product that allows TV channels, telecom operators or any content providers to push targeted TV ads on a live video feed or any on demand content (VOD, Catch up TV, Start Over…). Our solution offers a back office tool and a front office component to:

REPLACE a specific TV ad or a full advertising screen with others dedicated to specific target groups or viewers (depending on their location, gender, job…),

INSERT TV ads into video streams to monetize any content. OctoADS manages the ads, the targets as well as the ad break intros and outtros.

It also enriches the ads themselves with interactive features. Ads can become fully customizable and embrace the brand universe by adding dynamic and interactive components. Different formats are available:

Overlay Display




Full screen display

Mini site

Still picture


Resize display

L mode

O mode

These different formats can be used for pure advertising purposes or for auto promotional goals (upsell for telecom operators or TV channels for SVOD services, a-la-carte products….)