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image8Video is becoming the major online content with a triple digit growth within the next few years. Managing Live TV and Video in an OTT environment is a key issue for Consumer Electronics manufacturers, Pay TV operators , Content Companies and Retail.Reaching the end user anywhere and anytime on any terminal is a huge challenge for all actors.

Vianeos has developed its OTT OctoCloud solution with additional servers for Live TV VoD and Content Security to reach that goal. Check our product lines and don’t hesitate to come back to us for any request or project.


Identified Applications Request :

iptv telcos iptv telcos epg widgets catchup portal
TV VOD EPG Widgets CatchupTV Portal



Customer Benefits :

  • World access to Live Tv and VoD content
  • Easy implementation of infrastructure Lower cost of ownership allowing smaller operators emergence
  • Centralized Management
  • DRM and security Management
  • Complete range of products with a single supplier

Covering successfully all market segments

  • Satellite & Cable Operators
  • Media companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
  • Retail
  • Regional dedicated operator
  • Ethnic channels operator
  • Remote location operator

On the following terminals :

  • Set-top Boxes
  • Connected TVs
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Game console

Vianeos Products :

octocast mini

octozaic mini

octoguide mini

octocod mini

octocloud mini


Vianeos is proud to keep its innovation and growth at such an incredible level in such hard times thanks to innovative faithful customers and its wonderful team hard work !

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