Professional Services

In order to accompany our clients towards success , Vianeos offer a wide range of professional to build, win , deploy and maintain Lan and web Video Solutions. 

PreSales Design

  • Defining an ecosystem can sometimes become very tricky.Vianeos offers Presales consulting services to choose the best of breed bricks for your projects based on its large partnerships list.





Integration Support

  • We can support our customer in deploying solutions anywhere in the world in order to deploy Octopus Technology on any kind of project : Hotel , Hospital Operator , OTT, and more…

Installation and Commissioning

  • Vianeos can also do the installation and the commissioning of the whole ecosystem upon request of the customer.Skills cover IPTV, VOD, OTT, Network issues , Dhcp , Provisionning, CRM link , and more.





Specific Development

  • Based on a web technology based architecture , Octopus is flexible and open to specificic development from interconnection with third party applications and softwares to specific content module development.


  • Vianeos can lead training to technical and marketing teams of operators, and is already planning Training and Webinars through Octopus Academy Sessions.Check our program.






  • With more than cumulated 30 years of experience in digital Tv, IPTV, VOD and Interactive services , Vianeos can deliver high skill consulting missions on those subjects on the technical and marketing levels.

Graphic Design

  • Customizing user interface can rise the end user engagement and drive more attention to the offered contents and services. More attention means more potential business and sales.Vianeos long experience of UI design for operators, CEM , hotels and hospitals is available for you now !

Database Creation

  • For hotels & hospitals , inserting new and innovative items to promote contents and services can be hard and long.Vianeos offers a service to create , edit and publish selling item text and illustration to enhance premises assets and offers.


Vianeos is proud to keep its innovation and growth at such an incredible level in such hard times thanks to innovative faithful customers and its wonderful team hard work !

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