Digital video content Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Terminal !

Octocloud answers the fast growing demand for Online Video requests towards multiple screen Environment :

  • Tablets & Smartphones,
  • Connected TV,
  • PC,
  • OTT,
  • Set-top boxes

Associated with OctoCast and OctoCod , Octocloud represents a full solution for clients wishing to deploy TV and Vod through an online portal as shown in those screenshots




Vianeos offers both Client Side Player with portal covering iOS and Android and also Encoding OTT format servers for Live TV and VOD Files :

octocloud mini Main OTT Middleware including Mobile Portals for Smartphones and Tablets
octocod mini Transcoding Server
octocast mini OTT Live TV Streaming Server
octoguide mini EPG back end server
octozaic mini Mozaic Generator Server

Customer Benefits :

  • One Stop Shop Offer
  • Widely deployed offer
  • Modular and Scalable
  • Multiscreens compatible
  • Competitive

Market Opportunities :

  • Nationwide operators
  • Local Operators
  • ISPs
  • Pay TV Operators
  • VOD Store providers
  • Ethnic TVs providers
  • Virtual TV operator
  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturers

Vianeos Products :







Vianeos is proud to keep its innovation and growth at such an incredible level in such hard times thanks to innovative faithful customers and its wonderful team hard work !

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