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Vianeos addresses 2 market segments within the Online & LAN Video Market :


Enterprise which needs to manage Video Files & TV Channels , either Entertainment or Profesional , combined with interactive and customized access via any connected terminal : Set-top Box, Connected TV, Smartphone, Tablets and Touch Screen.

The Enterprise is segmented between 4 items :

  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Education

Vianeos has a distribution Strategy in this area and works exclusively with a distribution network.





OTT has shaken the online video market enabling non-operators actors to offer quality video to end users all around the world just using the internet as a mean of distribution.Smaller and new actors appear, Vianeos is here to help them and also the incumbents to build a competitive and efficient solution to reach massive number of users.

CEM are understanding to increment rich content such as VOD & Apps to put value into their Hardware.Salvation will come from added value more than hardware features, now that digital, high definition and 3D have been already launched.

Vianeos is always on the edge of new markets and technologies.


Vianeos is proud to keep its innovation and growth at such an incredible level in such hard times thanks to innovative faithful customers and its wonderful team hard work !

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